Purpose of this website

introduce people to the reality of spiritual activities in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand format. Contrary to what some would have us believe, this life is not all there is. As humans, we were born into eternal existence. Our present life simply prepares us to live in eternity. We can choose to spend eternity with God, or we can reject His provision. By rejecting His provision, we choose to spend eternity separated from God. God sends no one to hell! We choose where we will spend eternity, and God honors that choice. It is my prayer that the cartoons on this site will help you choose to follow a God who loves you and enjoy real and eternal life with God.

About Angels

believe in angels. Though I've never personally seen angels—that I know of—I am sure of their existence. The God of the Bible created them to serve as His messengers and for many other purposes. Like us, they're created beings, not to be worshiped. Unlike us, they do not have free will and are limited to do only as God directs. The Bible tells of fallen angels, also known as demons. The fallen angels, along with Lucifer, the devil, rebelled against God and henceforth do their best to seek, kill, and destroy. They are not more powerful than God, and their deeds are limited to what God allows. Their time, also, is limited, and their destiny is sure.

About the Cartoons

cartoons featured on this website arose from biblical messages I have presented over the years. Some contain Bible truths, others contain life instruction, and others are simply silly. I invite you to peruse them and enjoy yourself. If at times—or even allthe time—you disagree with my theological presentation of angels and other biblical subjects, that’s okay. Sometimes I look back at a cartoon strip and ask myself, “Robin, what in the world were you thinking?”

Each of the Speaking of Angels and Such cartoon strips are three or four frames long. None continue from one strip down to the next. At times, you will find what appear to be themes, but that is the result of the mixing of many ideas over a long period of time. The strips can be read all in one sitting, or one per day over a long period, or any other way, with no risk of a loss of meaning.

About the Cartoonsist

I’m Robin Axtell, and I have been drawing cartoons for most of my life. I sold my first cartoon to a magazine during my early teen years. At the time, drawing cartoons seemed easier than mowing lawns, washing cars, or cleaning garages. Even today, I still think it is!

After serving in the United States Air Force, a colleague approached me with an idea. Knowing that I was a cartoonist, artist, and believer, he asked if I would like to tell Bible stories while drawing them as a large cartoon strip before an audience. The idea intrigued me, but I explained that I had neither a drawing board nor experience doing such a thing. Brushing off my concerns, he asked what kind of drawing board I needed. A short time later, he presented me with a drawing board built just for me, and told me about three venues in which my services were requested. And so, within a few weeks, I was on the stage of an auditorium full of people I’d never seen before, drawing a giant, eight-foot-long cartoon strip while telling a Bible story.

I enjoyed the experience, but quickly discovered that I didn’t know enough about the Bible to teach it effectively. And so, in 1974, I enrolled in seminary to begin my formal education in theology. In the meantime, I continued to teach while drawing cartoon strips with pen and ink. Shortly after I began drawing Bible stories, I discovered that angels played a major role in my messages. As I continued my theological studies, it became apparent to me that angels were everywhere, helping God’s people. From the first chapters of Genesis, to the closing pages of Revelation, and throughout the many books in between, angels played a major role in accomplishing God’s purpose. That is why they play a major role in the cartoons I draw.